Largo Winch 2

Largo Winch 2
Largo Winch 2

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Synopsis Largo Winch 2

Largo Winch 2 began over 20 years ago, when that guy Largo Winczlav had been living in the US who pay Nerio Winch get raise. Nerio was the head of the group Winch (W) - the largest group ever and was headed by a single man.He claimed responsibility at a time when corporations were facing the wind and waves, especially heavy pressure from the so-called “committee of the Adriatic”, a secret society including politicians businessmen suspected in connection relating to the death of Nerio Winch, who used the honest business approach and shady money cleanser enriched style.

  • Largo Winch 2
  • Tomer Sisley
  • Sharon Stone
  • Ulrich Tukur
  • Jérôme Salle

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